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Report a GBVH or PSEA Incident 

As an organization focused on improving gender equality and social inclusion, ensuring the safety and well-being of our employees, contractors, and those we work and interact with is not just a minimum requirement- it is part of our organizational mandate and critical to our organization's values.


Any disclosure made to Equilo will be handled with empathy, care, referral to counseling services, and the decision to move forward with formal reporting or investigations is that of the survivor or victim, with some exceptions (e.g. involves a minor or someone is in life-threatening imminent danger).

It is appropriate to report an incident of gender-based violence, sexual harassment, exploitation, and abuse, whether you are the survivor, bystander/ observer, or the perpetrator if it was:

  • Perpetrated by Equilo employees/ contractors against any person (other employees/ contractors, clients, customers, partners, beneficiaries, their own family, or general community)

  • Experienced by an Equilo employee/ contractor by any person (work, personal, community)

Aligned with both Equilo, Inc.'s and Equilo Foundation's Gender-based Violence and Sexual Harassment (GBVH) Policy and its Protection from Sexual Abuse and Exploitation (PSEA) Policy, we encourage anyone who works with Equilo as an employee or contractor experiencing or observing violence, harassment, exploitation or abuse in their virtual or physical work or living space to report this to Equilo so that we may provide appropriate support and resources with the goal of safety and wellbeing. Equilo takes a survivor-centered approach to handling reports, meaning that a survivor or victim's safety and well-being take precedence and are of the utmost importance.


Equilo offers support in the form of referrals to counseling services, appropriate agencies, and the development of safety plans for its employees/ contractors experiencing violence, harassment, exploitation, or abuse at work or home, whether or not the perpetrator is another Equilo employee. 

Please use the form below to make a report. You may choose to disclose your information, or you may choose to make an anonymous report. Your safety, security, and confidentiality preferences will be honored and respected. If you are or have perpetrated violence, abuse, harassment, or exploitation and want support in disclosing this and taking appropriate responsibility, we also encourage you to utilize this form.


Thank you for having the courage today to make this report.

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