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Gender Equality & Social Inclusion in the time of


While both women and men are affected by changes to daily life caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, traditional divisions of labor dictate that women are often the ones in charge of household and care duties, meaning that women’s capacity for work is disproportionately affected. 

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Tips for Remote Workplaces

Asking team members to pivot to home-based work during lockdown isn’t easy. Working parents are frantically juggling roles as remote employees, daycare providers, interim teachers, and nurses. On this webpage, Equilo analyzes the gendered dimensions of COVID-19 and has compiled a plan of action for remote workplaces to address new challenges in an inclusive manner.

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Domestic Violence

With domestic violence rates spiking during COVID-19 lockdowns and restrictions on movement across the globe, it is more important than ever for workplaces to know how to respond and support employees experiencing violence at home. Equilo has compiled an action plan and resource sheet for addressing domestic violence, as well as handouts containing national resources for 21 countries.


Resource Hub

Equilo's COVID-19 Resource Hub contains more than one hundred resources to aid workplaces and individuals in addressing challenges of the pandemic in a gender-friendly and inclusive manner. Themes covered include: General Gender Equality & Social Inclusion; Children & Youth; Disability Inclusion; Elderly Inclusion; Gender-Based Violence; Humanitarian Response; Inclusive Workplaces; LGBTQ+; Mental Health & Self-Care.

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