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Gender Equality & Social Inclusion Analytics Packages for Development & Humanitarian Actors

Equilo's country and sector gender equality and social inclusion (GESI) contextual analysis uses our proprietary algorithm to map GESI-based constraints, opportunities, interventions, indicators, and ideas for action across a breadth of themes and domains. Users leverage this advanced analytics tool to support GESI analysis and planning for business development, due diligence, project and work planning, rapid mobilization response, and more.


The Equilo GESI Contextual Analysis tool offers deep-dive analytics across all countries globally and over 50 sub-sectors, synthesizing millions of data points from over 1,300 indicators into an instantly understandable, data-driven overview of over 30 gender equality dimensions. Deep dive into individual data visualizations with regional, income group, and global comparisons, explore contextualized qualitative data, and filter what works actions by theme for action-oriented tools and resources. 

Discounts are available for verified students, independent consultants, woman-owned small businesses, and for add-on bundled user packages within the app.

  • Save 10% per extra seat ($550/ seat)

  • Save 15% with an extra 5-seat bundle for $2,500

  • Save 20% with an extra 10-seat bundle for $4,500

  • Save 30% with an extra 25-seat bundle for $10,000

  • Save 40% with an extra 50-seat bundle for $17,500

Add-on Extra Seats

  • GESI Contextual Data API for all countries globally for $24,500

  • GBV Risk Score Data API for all countries globally $9,500

API Access to Data

  • Students take 75% off

  • Woman-owned small businesses take 50% off

  • Independent consultants take 50% off

Customers applying discounts will be verified

Available Discounts

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