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Equilo Foundation's mission is to democratize global analytics and tools to hack equality for a happier, more just world. Mission aligned with Equilo, the Foundation makes available open-source data analytics tools to support gender equality and social inclusion analysis and action planning. Equilo Foundation is a non-profit, registered 501(c)(3). 


This is aligned with our values to Do with Heart and Move Together, and our mission to provide tools to practitioners to facilitate GESI integration across development, humanitarian, finance, and private sector spaces globally.

Open-source GESI analysis tools currently offered on the Equilo platform after creating a free account include:


Equilo's paid subscription-only access features, including GESI country & sector analysis, fund development and maintenance of the Equilo platform. Subscription fees for paid features also fund the maintenance of these open-source GESI analysis tools via the Equilo Foundation.

Equilo Foundation fosters partnerships focused on co-creating GESI analysis tools and solutions that support advancement of intelligent GESI and DEI analytics initiatives to inspire systems-level change across development, humanitarian, financial, and private sectors.

Equilo Foundation accepts sponsorships and donations from public and private sector organizations, companies, and individuals who wish to support ongoing maintenance and development of open source tools. 

  • Tax-deductible donations in any amount are welcome at any time.

  • Sponsorships with individual or organizational tax-deductible donations over a certain threshold are recognized via public placement of the individual or organization's logo or photo within the open-source tool's page with accompanying social media.

Equilo Foundtion

Equilo Foundation's Leadership

The Equilo Foundation is led by Dr. Pat T. Morris, with guidance and oversight by the Foundation's Board, led by Equilo's CEO, Jessica Menon

Patricia T. Morris, Ph.D.

Foundation President

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Leads Equilo’s non-profit open-source data and analysis initiatives

Dr. Pat Photo.jpg

Pat is a gender, diversity, and social inclusion expert with more than two decades of professional experience working with international relief and development organizations, global advocacy coalitions, international contracting firms, and higher education institutions. During her 25-year career, she has led dozens of organizations and corporations in institutionalizing gender and diversity policies, advancing women’s and girls’ empowerment, and promoting social inclusion, women’s rights, and gender equality in their policies and programs. Her areas of expertise include gender integration, gender audits, GESI analysis and assessments, diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging initiatives, women’s economic empowerment, and gender in peace, conflict, and security.  

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