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Frequently Asked Questions

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Where does Equilo’s data come from?

Equilo aggregates data from thousands of internationally validated and open-source databases and reports to populate our gender analysis tools. Our team of global experts has rigorously selected valid data sources and transformed both quantitative and qualified data into a uniform structured database that we keep refreshed on an ongoing basis. Equilo’s team of researchers and gender specialists ensure our high quality automated tools do this work for you, saving you time and money scouring multiple sources and providing the data you need all in one place. 

How often is Equilo’s data updated?

Equilo's team of researchers and data scientists continually monitor our data sources and immediately import new data into our master database in addition to continuously reviewing possible new data sources. Where we are able to use APIs to automatically update our quantitative data we do so. Users will always have the latest and freshest data and analysis available.

How does Equilo ensure that the data it provides is reliable and high-quality?

To ensure the reliability of the data we provide, Equilo first chooses data from internationally validated and standardized sources, then from reputable and reliable institutions and research organizations with credible sampling and research methodology, and, if necessary, data from national statistical offices. We provide users with a confidence score to signal a lower score when data for a specific country and indicator is not from an internationally validated and standardized source. Our global team of advisors, experts, and researchers utilize standardized validation and quality criteria to determine what makes its way into our database. Learn more about our methodology within the app here.

Can I set up a demo or consultation before I commit to purchasing a subscription?

Absolutely. To schedule a time for a demo or consultation, just sign up for one our regularly scheduled demos here or book a 1-1 chat here.

Does Equilo offer free trials to help me decide if it’s the right tool for me?

We offer free trials for investor portfolio setup. Please contact us to start your free trial.  If you’d like to explore the GESI Contextual Analysis tool before buying, just create a free account and explore our flagship GESI Contextual Analysis interactive tool demo. You can also register to attend one of our live regularly scheduled demo sessions with our CEO, Jessica Menon.

I run a small business or fund. Do you offer discounted subscriptions?

Yes! We offer discounts for first-time fund managers, verified 2X Ignite members, start-ups, micro enterprises, women-owned small businesses, students, and independent consultants. Learn more about the discounts we offer here, and book a consultation to receive your discount code.

My organization needs a bespoke automated gender analysis solution. Can Equilo create a customized package for me?

Yes! We offer fully customized packages with customized metrics, surveys, and dashboards, advanced impact measurement and management functionality, primary data collection integration, and more. Just schedule a consultation to discuss how we can meet your needs!

Can I integrate Equilo’s tools with my organization’s existing data management systems?

Yes! We have custom APIs available for the GESI Contextual Analysis tool, the GBV Risk Score tool, the 2X Assess portfolio tool, and the Gender ROI™ portfolio tool. Just schedule a consultation to discuss how we can meet your needs!

I would love to spread the word about Equilo. Is there a referral or ambassador program?

Yes! With over 1,500 users and growing, our current friends and Equilo users are spreading the word to others. We’ve created a referral program to make it easy for our community to share Equilo with their network. And to thank you for spreading the love of gender equality, we offer unlimited $100 credits towards your next paid plan for each referral who purchases a plan! Interested in becoming an Ambassador? Sign up here!

I have some tools and features I’d love to see Equilo create. How can I provide feedback on what I would find useful?

We rely on our users’ feedback to make sure our tools are providing them with exactly what they need to integrate gender analysis seamlessly into their work. When you tell us what works, what does not work, and what ongoing pain points we can potentially solve, our team discusses it and prioritizes it in our product roadmap. We also love to collaborate with like-minded innovative partners who believe the sky is the limit and want to dream and build with us. Let us know what new tools and features you would find useful here!

How can I be notified when new tools and features are available?

Join our mailing list! We send out emails when new tools and features are available, along with helpful resources related to gender analysis, assessment, due diligence, and impact management. You can also follow us on LinkedIn.

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