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What is Gender Analysis?


UN Women defines gender analysis as “a critical examination of how differences in gender roles, activities, needs, opportunities and rights/entitlements affect men, women, girls and boys in certain situations or contexts. Gender analysis examines the relationships between females and males and their access to and control of resources and the constraints they face relative to each other. A gender analysis should be integrated into all sector assessments or situational analyses to ensure that gender-based injustices and inequalities are not exacerbated by interventions, and that where possible, greater equality and justice in gender relations are promoted."



Many organizations have similar but varied definitions of gender analysis. The UN Women Training Centre includes a useful Gender Equality Glossary which defines a wide range of terms related to gender and gender equality.

What analysis framework does Equilo use?


Equilo has drawn upon the strengths of various analytic frameworks to create a comprehensive gender analysis and social inclusion framework that drives its algorithms. Because of the strong social inclusion and intersectional strength of the Transforming Agency, Access, and Power (TAAP) Framework, Equilo has adapted this as its primary analytical framework as its foundation. 

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