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Framework for People-Oriented Planning in Refugee Situations (POP)

POP is an adaptation of the Harvard Analytical Framework by the United Nations High Commission on Refugees (UNHCR) for use in refugee situations, designed to overcome some of the Harvard Framework's initial weaknesses.  The purpose of POP is to ensure that there is an efficient and equitable distribution of resources and services. There is an accompanying POP planning tool. It is based on three ideas:

  • Change: When people flee from disaster or conflict, their lives change
    rapidly and dramatically, and continue to change.

  • Participation: Refugee participation is a major factor in determining whether or not a project will succeed.

  • Importance of analysis: Whatever type of project is being planned (water, food distribution, health promotion, and so on), socio-economic and demographic analysis are critical components of project planning.


The POP Framework has three components:

  • Determinants Analysis (Refugee Population Profile and Context Analysis): Asks the questions—Who are the refugees? What is the refugee’s context?

  • Activities Analysis: Asks the questions—who does what? When and where do they do it?

  • Use and Control of Resources Analysis: Determines how resources are distributed, and who has a say over their use.

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