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Impact Investment Packages

Impact investors, from institutional investors and fund managers to micro-credit banks and first-time fund managers, are increasingly realizing their portfolio performance and revenue benefits of taking a holistic gender lens approach to their own organization's governance and operations, as well as across their portfolio to support their investees and customers. Equilo makes data collection, analysis, and reporting less costly and burdensome for both investors and investees, while improving data quality, response and reporting times, and ease to take action.


Equilo supports financial actors to better understand gender equality risks and threats to their market and operations, with upgrades that support intelligently automated portfolio analytics for ESG risk assessment, due diligence, monitoring, and impact management and measurement.


Financial actors use Equilo's 2X Challenge Ecosystem tools, the global industry standard for gender lens investment and certification, to conduct due diligence and track investee progress, beginning with an organizational assessment for companies of all sizes, funds, and financial institutions with instant analytics and data visualization. Upgrades unlock exclusive features for portfolio-level assessment, API integration, and action planning, and matchmaking functionality for sophisticated investors.


In partnership with SWEEF Capital, Equilo offers premium functionality with the Gender ROI™ Organization Assessment to dive deeper beyond minimum standards and conduct organizational assessments of portfolio companies across 24 comprehensive parameters including value chain, climate change, GBV, and more, Customized enterprise solutions offer unlimited flexibility for advanced IMM and ESG integrations, customized dashboards, and more. 

Discounts are available for verified 2X Ignite members and first-time fund managers within the app at checkout.

  • 1 extra seat for $1,170 

  • Save 20% with an extra 5-seat bundle for $5,200

  • Save 30% with an extra 10-seat bundle for $9,100

  • Save 40% and more with 25-seat bundles with enterprise packages

Add Extra Seats

Increase Portfolio Companies

  • Add 1 additional company to the portfolio for $1,170

  • Save 20% with an extra 5 portfolio company bundle for $5,200

  • Save 30% with an extra 10-portfolio company bundle for $9,100

  • Save 40% and more with 25 portfolio company bundles with enterprise packages

Available Discounts

  • 2X Global members save 25%

  • 2X Ignite members save 75% 

  • First time fund managers save 75%

API Access to Data

  • GESI Contextual Data API for all countries globally for $24,500

  • GBV Risk Score Data API for all countries globally $9,500

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