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Gender Smart Company Packages

Gender-smart companies, from start-ups, entrepreneurs, and micro-enterprises to small and medium enterprises and large corporations, are increasingly realizing the business performance benefits of improving gender equality throughout operations, practices, value chains, and their interaction with their markets. 

Equilo Basic supports companies to better understand gender equality risks and threats to their market and operations. It also provides access to the 2X Assessment tool, the industry standard for gender lens investments globally, helping attract investment, and to the SWEEF Capital Gender ROI™ Assessment for a deeper dive.


Upgrades unlock additional assessment, analysis, and action-planning capabilities, and customizable advanced ESG risk analytics and impact measurement and management. Companies benefit from the subscription package options below.

Discounts are available for start-ups, micro-enterprises, and woman-owned small businesses within the app at checkout.

Add-On Extra Seats

  • Save 10% per extra seat ($650/ seat)

  • Save 15% with an extra 5-seat bundle for $3,000

  • Save 20% with an extra 10-seat bundle for $5,500

  • Save 30% with an extra 25-seat bundle for $12,500

  • Save 35% with an extra 50-seat bundle for $22,500

API Access to Data

  • GESI Contextual Data API for all countries globally for $24,500

  • GBV Risk Score Data API for all countries globally $9,500

Available Discounts

  • Start-ups and entrepreneurs take 75% off

  • Micro-enterprises take 75% off

  • Woman-owned small businesses take 75% off

Customers applying discounts will be verified

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