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During this episode Jessica and David O'Leary discuss Equilo’s work bringing together data, analytics, and tools to inform better gender-transformative decision-making across government, non-profits, and for-profit businesses. We discuss in detail two of Equilo’s tools, the GESI Contextual Analysis, and the Gender-Based Violence (GBV) Risk Score, the methodology underpinning them, the challenges around data collection and comparability, and some of the surprising results of how various countries score on GBV Risk, and how investors should interpret and integrate this data. And be sure to stay tuned to the very end where Jessica discusses the exciting new predictive modelling work they are doing now. 

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In this episode, Manasi and Sualeha sit down with Jessica Menon, CEO of Equilo, a groundbreaking platform that harnesses big data and analytics to provide decision-makers with highly effective gender equality and social inclusion analysis tools. Jessica breaks down the power of understanding people's personal incentives when it comes to changing their knowledge and beliefs, along with the importance of conducting gender equality and social inclusion analysis in the earliest stages of policymaking. We close the episode with insights on how data and informed decision-making can challenge simplified narratives around gender inequity and on establishing action-oriented values as a company. 

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In this episode, Jessica Menon, CEO & Co-Founder of the gender-smart tech company, shares unique insights from her entrepreneurial journey. Tune in for a courageous conversation on how to build an impactful startup & get inspired to dare to be outrageous!

Press Releases

Shenzhen, China, May 22 2024: At Cartier Women's Initiative Award ceremony, Jessica Menon talks about how Equilo is eradicating inequality using inclusive AI that automates analysis of gender data for action in organizations. She received the second place regional Award for North America. Check this link to learn more

Luxembourg, June 13 2024: The Global Gender-Smart Fund (GGSF), the world’s largest gender-lens investment fund, has implemented a new strategy focused on gender-smart financing. This strategy aims to address the USD1.7 trillion gender gap by providing responsible financial services to underserved women, women-owned, and women-led businesses in developing markets. It seeks to improve livelihoods, promote women’s leadership, and enhance gender balance within financial institutions. Click here for more information

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London, June 27 2022: On the occasion of the G7 Summit, 2X Global announced the launch of a co-creation process to develop an independent 2X Certification Mechanism for the investment industry. The 2X Certification mechanism, supported by the G7 and announced on the occasion of the G7 Summit 2022, will be developed in collaboration with the wider industry and partners in a co-creation process. It will build on major standard-setting trends in the broader ESG, impact investing and sustainability space as well as leverage innovative data solutions like Equilo and groundbreaking new tools for thematic deep-dives such as Criterion’s GBVH assessment tool, powered by Equilo. 

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