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Equilo is the first tool of its kind. The web-based application provides gender equality country contextual information across six domains and 15 themes for 132 low- and middle-income countries. Equilo is now available for energy, infrastructure, and agriculture sectors and is rapidly scaling to other sectors, including WASH, finance, health, and more. Equilo continues to add new features, including survey capabilities, and will become more robust and intelligent with predictive modeling and supplementary qualitative analysis over the next year.


Equilo adds value to existing data platforms by aggregating and making sense of data from many sources. Additional value that Equilo provides includes:

  • Saves significant time* of gender specialists/ research analysts to synthesize data from many sources and analyze the country context, sector, organization, and community for rapid assessment and mobilization. Saved time can be used on action.

  • Dashboard access for non-gender specialists facilitates increased understanding of the business case with compelling data and the contextual “so what”

  • Real-time data and model refreshes to ensure data is always current, dynamic, and robust over time


Subscription options below provide everyone, from individual users to large global enterprises, cost-effective options to make it easy to begin gender analysis and integration work. Reach out to us at with questions, click below to view a demo video, or subscribe to start using Equilo.


We recommend using Chrome, Firefox, Mozilla, or Safari on a laptop, desktop, or tablet, The app is not intended for mobile phone functionality and use.

Contact us at with any access issues.

* Estimated time savings by using Equilo:

  • 5 days of time savings using Equilo Dash per country

  • 20 days of time savings using Equilo Sector per country

  • 30+ days of time savings using Equilo Organization per organization

  • 6 months+ of time savings using Equilo Community per survey 

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"The lack of current, reliable and gender-disaggregated data has been frequently cited among the top challenges for practitioners, policymakers and academia alike. For emerging markets investors like DEG, gender-disaggregated data is key for evidence-based decision making.
I’m excited about the innovative AI-driven solution Equilo has developed to hack gender equality. I’m confident this comprehensive and interactive tool will enable our DEG team to identify gender-lens risks and opportunities along the investment cycle even better – on the go and in real-time."

- Jessica Espinoza, Global Gender Finance Lead at DEG Invest & 2X Challenge Chair

"The consolidation of data sources, and the clear, country-by-country data sheets, graphs, and domain analysis, means that any member of a project team - a gender expert or someone with little technical or practical experience in the sector - can gain an informed understanding of the situation for women and girls and persons from marginalized backgrounds, in their project's focus country. Apps like Equilo can not only transform our development planning but guide us in development program implementation too by widening our field of view to better understand the world and the people we are working to support."

- Vinod Shrivastava, CORE International

Equilo's country version and the first three sector releases are available via subscription! Users can select from a variety of subscription options, with 132 LMIC countries and three sectors available. Dashboard features include:


  • Snapshot gender equality analysis organized by themes to quickly understand strengths and challenges within a country

  • Sector-specific theme additions, indicators, and qualitative analysis

  • Gender equality, parity, and women’s empowerment scores with benchmarking countries against regional, income group category, and global scores and indicators

  • Interactive dashboard to explore 100+ indicators curated from over 40 standardized data sets and thousands of supplementary sources, regularly updated 

  • Data accompanied by the "so what"

  • COVID-19 and gender analysis overview for each theme

  • “What Works” ideas for action with tools and resources for each theme

  • Downloadable PDF reports in full and summary versions


Sector-specific analysis now available! 

Equilo provides users with the option to select sectors to receive their country-level gender analysis with sector- and sub-sector specific quantitative analysis and complementary qualitative analysis for all 132 LMIC countries. The analysis provides sub-sector nuanced analysis, indicators, and recommended actions and resources. The following sectors and sub-sectors are currently available via subscription:


  • Large-Scale On-Grid Utility Operations

  • Large-Scale On-Grid Energy Infrastructure Construction

  • Small-Scale Off-Grid Energy Technologies

  • Energy Policies, Planning, & Governance

  • Energy Trade & Market Strengthening (Coming soon!)

  • Investment Climate & Financing Reform (Coming soon!)


  • General Agriculture Sector

  • Roots and Tubers​ Value Chain

  • Maize Value Chain

  • Coffee Value Chain

  • ​Dairy Value Chain

  • Coming later in 2021: Citrus, Meat, Soya, Hemp, Tobacco, Tea, Chocolate, Legumes, Horticulture, Aquaculture & Fisheries


  • General Infrastructure

  • Education Facilities​

  • Health Facilities

  • Detention Centers

  • Public Transportation

  • Roads (Small and Large-scale)

  • Trading/ Market Places

Coming soon are the sectors and sub-sectors below, and by the end of 2021 sub-sector-specific analysis will be available for 18 sectors across all 132 LMIC countries. ​​​​​​


  • Commercial Banking​

  • Micro-Finance & Informal Finance

  • Government Financial Systems & Services

  • Digital Financial Services

  • Investment & Funds (Coming soon in 2021)

  • Insurance (Coming soon in 2021)

Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene (WASH) COMING FEBRUARY 2021

  • General WASH

  • Household and Community WASH​

  • WASH in Public Institutions

  • WASH Infra Master Planning & Development

  • WASH Utility Operations

  • Waste Management


  • Maternal & Newborn Health​

  • Child Health & Nutrition

  • Adolescent Health

  • Sexual & Reproductive Health & Rights

  • HIV

  • COVID-19

  • Coming soon in 2021: Health Systems, Mental Health, Chronic Non-communicable diseases (NCDs), Diarrheal Disease, Tuberculosis, Malaria, Vector-Borne diseases, Neglected tropical disease (NTDs), 
    Aging & Health, Infectious Diseases, Polio, Essential Medicines & Vaccines, Substance Use, Occupational Health, Disability, Accidents & Injuries


  • General Industry & Manufacturing

  • Textiles

  • Emergency & Medical Supplies

  • Pharmaceuticals

  • ​Agro-Processing

  • Chemical Supplies

  • Construction Materials

  • Coming soon in 2021: Glass, Paper, Forest Products & Related Packaging, Metals,  Minerals, Mines, Steel Production, Capital Goods, Commercial & Professional Services

We recommend using Chrome, Firefox, Mozilla, or Safari on a laptop, desktop, or tablet, The app is not intended for mobile phone functionality and use.

Contact us at with any access issues.


  • Peace, Justice, & Strong Institutions

  • Environment & Climate Action

  • Technology & Digital Inclusion

  • Nutrition & Food Security

  • Education

  • Urban Planning

  • Tourism

  • Labor, Migration, & Refugees

  • Forestry

  • Gender Equality

  • Defense & Security

  • If you are interested in a larger enterprise or customized solution to grant access to more users, multi-organizational networks, multi-sectors, customized dashboard and features, or add-on service features, please drop us a note at  

  • Do you have additional questions? See our FAQs and App, or send a message.

We look forward to supporting your gender integration work!


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