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Equilo Dash is the first tool of its kind. The first version of the web-based application provides gender equality country contextual information across six domains and 15 themes for 121 low- and middle-income countries where sufficient data is available. Equilo is rapidly scaling with valuable features such as sector-specific analysis capabilities and survey capabilities and will become more robust and intelligent with predictive modeling and supplementary qualitative analysis over the next year.


This is the value that Equilo brings to users:

  • Saves significant time* of gender specialists/ research analysts to analyze the country context, sector, organization, and community for rapid assessment and mobilization. Saved time can be used on action.

  • Dashboard access for non-gender specialists facilitates increased understanding of the business case with compelling data and the contextual “so what”

  • Real-time data and model refreshes to ensure data is always current, dynamic, and robust over time


Subscription options below provides everyone, from individual users to large global enterprises, cost-effective options to make it easy to begin gender analysis and integration work. Reach out to us at for questions or to schedule a demo.


We recommend using Chrome, Firefox, Mozilla, or Safari on a laptop, desktop, or tablet, The app is not intended for mobile phone functionality and use.

Contact us at with any access issues.

* Estimated time savings by using Equilo:

  • 5 days of time savings using Equilo Dash per country

  • 20 days of time savings using Equilo Sector per country

  • 30+ days of time savings using Equilo Organization per organization

  • 6 months+ of time savings using Equilo Community survey per survey 

Equilo Dash Options Available Now!

Dash Sprint

$69/ 1 individual user accesses one country for one month period

Dash Marathon

$795/ annual enterprise subscription allows 10 users to access 20 selected countries

Super Dash

$1,495/ annual enterprise subscription allows 30 users access to 50 selected countries

Ultra Dash

$2,795/ annual enterprise subscription allows unlimited users access to all 121 countries available

We recommend using Chrome, Firefox, Mozilla, or Safari.

Contact us at with any access issues.

Equilo Dash is now live and available for subscription purchase! Equilo Dash is an interactive dashboard that allows users to quickly understand gender equality within a country across 6 domains and 15 themes. Users can select from 121 available LMIC countries and view the thematic analysis with gender equality scores powered by over 100 indicators curated from over 4o different sources. Dashboard features include:


  • Snapshot country-level overview highlighting the top 5 areas for improvement

  • COVID-19 and gender analysis overview for each theme

  • Downloadable 4-page summary brief with optional thematic and domain one-pagers added for a full report

  • Gender equality, parity and women’s empowerment scores 

  • Comparison to regional and global LMIC scores and indicators accompanied by contextual "so what" of why those indicators matter

  • “What Works” ideas for action with linked tools and resources for each theme

Future Equilo Subscriptions Available for Pre-Purchase at Discount!

Equilo is rapidly scaling to enable these additional features, which will be released on a rolling basis from October 2020-2021. Users interested have the option to pre-purchase the below subscription packages at a 10% discount and will receive a subscription extension as features are rolled out. Features that will become available over the next year include:     

  • Sector-specific analysis for 20 sectors across all 121 LMIC countries. Six sectors, each broken into sub-sectors, are prioritized for release by January 2021: Energy, Infrastructure, Agriculture, Health, Finance, and WASH.

  • Customizable sector-specific recommended actions, tools, and monitoring and evaluation indicators

  • Organizational-specific automated survey for organizations/ potential investees, automatically analyzes the data, and populates the analysis on a dashboard

  • Sector-specific automated community surveys that automatically populates survey questions on a tablet/ phone and automatically analyzes the data and populates the results on a dashboard

  • Sector-specific auto-generated and customizable in-depth interview and focus group discussion guides

  • Organization-specific "language" to include materiality arguments and suggested actions for DFIs, or business case and human rights language for development agencies and NGOs

  • Country-specific and sector-specific stakeholder mapping

  • Predictive modeling to select most impactful actions, ingrain into risk modeling and rate of return

  • Advanced customized project-specific data collection, analysis, monitoring

  • Ongoing intelligence improvements to draw in robust qualitative data to compliment analysis


Sector Dash

$795/ 1 individual user accesses one country/ sector for one month period

Sector Sprint

$2,295/ annual enterprise access for 5 users to access 1 sector/ 10 countries 

Sector Marathon

$4,995/ annual enterprise subscription allows 15 users to access 5 selected sectors for 20 countries of choice

Super Sector

$8,895/ annual enterprise subscription allows 50 users to access all 20 sectors for all 121 countries available

Org Sprint

$795/ 1 individual user accesses organizational-specific analysis for two-month period

Full Enterprise

$19,995/ annual enterprise subscription grants unlimited users access all 20 sectors across all 121 countries + unlimited organizational analyses

We recommend using Chrome, Firefox, Mozilla, or Safari.

Contact us at with any access issues.

  • The 10% discount for pre-purchasing these future features will be applied at purchase.  

  • Sector-specific community survey subscription options are currently being formulated. Contact us at if you are interested in this option now.

  • Contact us at if you are interested in a larger enterprise solution to grant access to more users, multi-organizational networks, customized dashboard and features, or customized add-on service features.  

  • One central enterprise manager for the account with enterprise options.

  • Do you have additional questions? See our FAQs and App, and contact us if you have additional questions.


We look forward to supporting your gender integration work!



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