Super GRL


Equilo is in the process of curating tens of thousands of high quality, valid gender equality and social inclusion resources including robust intersectional data. These are both quantitative and qualitative resources which include peer-reviewed, institutional, and gray literature, as well as alternative sources such as blogs. Data points from these resources feed into the algorithms Equilo uses to formulate customized social and gender analyses.

Use this portal to access links to organizational guidance documents, sector-specific resources, open source data sets, and gender analysis frameworks.

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Organizational Guidance


The vast majority of bilateral donors, humanitarian agencies, foundations, development finance institutions, and a growing number of private companies recognize the importance of gender equality and social inclusion. Equilo has cataloged various organization's specific guidance, strategies, and policies within the SuperGRL for easy reference.

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Sector-Specific Guidance

How well gender equality and social inclusion are addressed within any sector investment or response will determine its effectiveness and impact. From infrastructure and clean energy to health and humanitarian emergencies, Equilo is in the process of curating global guidance, best practices, and toolkits that provide valuable information and tools on integrating gender equality and social inclusion across 21 sectors.

Open Source Data-Sets


There remain gaps in high quality, recent statistics disaggregated by sex, age, and other socio-economic factors. However, there exist hundreds of open-source data sets, including visualization and mapping resources, that can be put to use. Equilo has curated a library of open-source data to inform social and gender analysis.


Gender Analysis Frameworks


A sound social and gender analysis framework formulates the basis of a sound analysis. Many exist with varying degrees of strengths and weaknesses and flexibility to apply across sectors and investment or relief contexts. Equilo has drawn upon the strengths of various analytic frameworks to create a comprehensive gender analysis and social inclusion framework that drives its algorithms and ensures compliance with any organization.


While both women and men are affected by changes to daily life caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, traditional divisions of labor dictate that women are often the ones in charge of household and care duties, meaning that women’s availability and ability to work is disproportionately affected. Equilo's COVID-19 Resource Hub contains more than 100 resources to aid workplaces and individuals to address challenges of the pandemic in a gender-friendly and inclusive manner.