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What People are Saying About Equilo

"Equilo is and will be transformative.  So many are already talking about the impact."

~ Joy Anderson,

Founder & President, Criterion Institute

"The lack of current, reliable and gender-disaggregated data has been frequently cited among the top challenges for practitioners, policymakers and academia alike. For emerging markets investors like DEG, gender-disaggregated data is key for evidence-based decision-making.

I’m excited about the innovative AI-driven solution Equilo has developed to hack gender equality. I’m confident this comprehensive and interactive tool will enable our DEG team to identify gender-lens risks and opportunities along the investment cycle even better – on the go and in real-time."

~ Jessica Espinoza,

Global Gender Finance Lead at DEG Invest &
2X Global Chair

"The consolidation of data sources, and the clear, country-by-country data sheets, graphs, and domain analysis, means that any member of a project team - a gender expert or someone with little technical or practical experience in the sector - can gain an informed understanding of the situation for women and girls and persons from marginalized backgrounds, in their project's focus country.
Apps like Equilo can not only transform our development planning but guide us in development program implementation too by widening our field of view to better understand the world and the people we are working to support."

~ Vinod Shrivastava, 
Senior Activity Advisor Enhancing Equality in Energy for Southeast Asia Activity (USAID) CORE International

"It's so important to have this 2X Assessment portfolio view because it can transform beliefs of what we are aspiring to as a fund for our companies. Before using the assessment our goal was for our companies to be measured by targets that have a traditional patriarchal view. This assessment has shown us our blind spots and that we have an alternative version of success for our companies and fund to strive for. The most powerful thing as a woman in leadership is to be yourself, and the same is true in building a company- we need to not try to emulate what a 'successful' company has always been. Now, after using the 2X Assess tool for Sanari and our companies, the expectation of what my companies should be like in 10 years has changed. My vision for their success for them is a better vision of what it was before."

~ Sanari Capital

“Equilo is user friendly and very well structured. I had a deadline clock ticking before my final proposal submission!
Access to the Equilo platform helped me a lot; I was able to easily structure my presentation by pulling up very useful gender equality statistics on energy access and quality. The statistics under the different themes were exactly the information I needed to get across my ideas, especially in terms of actions needed. I particularly appreciated the comprehensive data on gender equality comparable by country, region, income group, broken down by the energy sector.
I was able to submit my proposal on time, and I was thrilled that my proposal had not only insights on gender equality, but also more details on what needs to be done to harness gender equality opportunities in the Energy Renewable sector. Thank you so very much for introducing me to the Equilo platform."

~ Liliane Munezero Ndabaneze, CEO
Women's Initiative for Delivering Clean Energy to Africa, WidEnergy Africa Ltd.

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"Equilo is a great example of the possibilities to harness emerging data technologies, and the multiple information and data points existing out there on a variety of gender and social inclusion issues, which in many cases would go unnoticed or would take a lot longer to analyze and correlate using more traditional techniques.


The capacity of the tool to aggregate and make sense of all the information in a heartbeat is incredible and is a perfect platform for further and deeper gender analysis. I would also highlight its user interface makes it easier for a variety of stakeholders to get involved with gender and social inclusion analysis."

~Jesus Melendez Vicente

Senior Technical Advisor, Data and Digital Development, IREX

"Equilo is like a teammate. Sometimes it can be lonely working as a consultant, and when I have a question I just go to Equilo, and it's like a friendly colleague discussing the response with me. It's so useful!"

~Mariana del Vazquez del Mercado Castro

GESI Specialist, Independent Consultant

"FinDev Canada, a Canadian development finance institution, is currently using Equilo's GBV Risk Score on a regular basis as part of its environmental and social (E&S) due diligence of potential transactions. This enables its E&S team to facilitate and standardize the practice of assessing GBV risk in a country where FinDev Canada may make a deal, and based on the severity of GBV risk, may increase/strengthen GBV risk mitigation measures or consider GBV-specific technical assistance (TA) support for the client to mitigate GBV risk. Now the GBVR enables the E&S team to include GBV risk as a standard piece of analysis for transactions, normalizing the discussion of GBV as a material risk to investments with investment officers and the Investment Committee. This may lead to elevating the level of GBV risk mitigation required in Environmental and Social Action Plans or may result in additional TA support for GBV prevention and response activities."

~FinDev Canada

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