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Equilo’s pioneering data analytics as a service web application for desktop and tablet provides customized gender equality and social inclusion analysis results for each project and investment using machine learning, deep analytics, and big data based on sector and geography.


Equilo Gives You...

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Log-in to Equilo to access these free, open-source GESI analysis tools:

  • GBV Risk Score for financial investments

  • Curated, searchable Super Gender & Inclusion Resource Library (SuperGIRL)

  • Partner directory of organizations working on GESI issues globally

  • Regional and Income Group Snapshot Analysis and Global Heat Map

  • Methodology for analysis with quantitative data sources and links to data sets


Log-in to Equilo to select a subscription option and unlock these paid-for analysis features to support your GESI analysis and integration work:

  • Snapshot gender equality analysis organized by themes to quickly understand strengths and challenges within a country

  • Sector-specific theme additions, indicators, and qualitative analysis

  • Gender equality, parity, and women’s empowerment scores with benchmarking countries against regional, income group category, and global scores and indicators

  • Interactive dashboard to explore 100+ indicators curated from over 40 standardized data sets and thousands of supplementary sources, regularly updated 

  • Data accompanied by the "so what"

  • COVID-19 and gender analysis overview for each theme

  • “What Works” ideas for action with tools and resources for each theme

  • Downloadable PDF reports in full and summary versions

  • Downloadable .CSV files of country- and specific data sets (raw data)

  • Downloadable, customizable GESI Action Plans

  • Organizational-specific GESI assessments

Equilo Helps Users With...

Rapid GESI analysis for mobilization/ response

Strategic prioritization for investment and action planning

Business Development

Mobilizing emergency response team during disaster

​​Due diligence and understanding context

Strategically targeting a country for a new portfolio

Preparing or responding to an RFP for a project

Getting a company investment-ready with gender lens criteria

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Create your free account at to access Equilo's open source tools and to view a demo of advanced analytics.



Equilo is Growing



Equilo is a new tool that is constantly growing and adding more features. Some upcoming features that will be released include:

  • Organizational gender assessment

  • Automated community survey analysis

  • Predictive modeling utilizing machine learning

  • More evidence-based intelligent recommended actions driven by gap analysis

  • Intelligently suggested M&E indicators

  • Strengthening intersectional data and analysis

  • Ingesting small, bespoke data sets for more robust analysis

  • Strengthening analysis dimensions for population types and sub-national and city levels


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