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A web-based application for customized gender equality and social inclusion analysis and action plans.

We recommend using Chrome, Firefox, Mozilla, or Safari on a laptop, desktop, or tablet, The app is not intended for mobile phone functionality and use.

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Equilo is the go-to gender analysis solution.

With an annual subscription Equilo Dash gives users access to...

  • Interactive dashboard for 132 low- and low-middle income countries

  • Snapshot country-level overview across 15 themes, organized by 6 domains

  • Sector-specific analysis for agriculture, energy, and infrastructure, and more coming soon!

  • Downloadable PDF long and summary reports

  • Gender parity and women’s empowerment scores for each theme with global and regional comparison

  • Thematic analysis summary to contextualize data based on the most global recent research 

Equilo helps users with:

  • Rapid assessment for mobilization/ response

  • Due diligence and understanding context

  • Strategic prioritization for investment and action planning

  • Targeting a country for a new portfolio

  • Preparing or responding to an RFP for a project

  • Mobilizing a response team to a disaster or crisis

  • Business development


Automated, customized social and gender analysis

Equilo’s pioneering web application for desktop and tablet provides customized results for each project and investment using machine learning, deep analytics, and big data based on sector, outcome, geography, and population type.

We recommend using Chrome, Firefox, Mozilla, or Safari on a laptop, desktop, or tablet, The app is not intended for mobile phone functionality and use.

Contact us at with any access issues.

With the Equilo tool users can select a country and instantly view a data-driven overview of 30 gender equality dimensions, and can explore 15 thematic areas to better understand the "so what." Secor analysis is now available for energy, infrastructure, and agriculture sectors.

Our proprietary algorithm, powered by an analytical framework based on the TAAP framework, maps gender-based constraints, opportunities, interventions, and indicators across a breadth of outcomes and sectors. 

Intersectionality and social inclusion underpins Equilo's analysis, addressing ability status, age, LGBTQI status, ethnic and religious minorities, and other socially excluded and vulnerable populations, including refugees and IDPs. Although limited global intersectional data is available, Equlio Dash indicates the important intersectional topics in its thematic analysis, and subsequent Equilo releases will strengthen the data analysis with a social inclusion and intersectional lens.

Equilo is a new tool that is constantly growing and adding more features. Future version release plans will provide users with full-service tailored outputs below. In the full Equilo release it will take just five minutes for the tool to gather project specifications from the user with a series of guided questions, pre-populated potential responses, and interactive graphics. This will produce sector- and project-specific analysis. Equilo then automatically provides a set of analytical findings and recommended actions based on evidence and innovation – all accessed through a secure, simple, and intuitive dashboard. 

Tailored outputs

Our core full-service automated package in Equilo's full development includes: 

equality and social inclusion analysis and action plan

Two-page summary brief

Suggested indicators and ability to ingest and analyze collected data

Summary PowerPoint deck


Participatory data collection tools

The unique Super GRL (Gender Resource Library) fuels our analysis with a set of robust, validated global databases, rigorous qualitative research, and alternative data sources that show promising or innovative practice.

Aggregating cutting-edge research in a single platform, it also offers free public access to promote learning and sharing. Practitioners are able to submit new resources for review and inclusion, ensuring that Super GRL is continually updated with fresh validated research and data.

The Super GRL is curated by the Equilo team, which screens and validates resources and uses APIs to pull in and analyze quantitative data from:

  • Over 150 quantitative global databases

  • Over 10,000 published studies, reports, and other resources

  • National government policy and statistics pages 


Equilo is releasing versions on a rolling basis for 18 sectors globally

Priority sectors for which Equilo may be used include:

  • Agriculture & rural development (Available now!)

  • Energy (Available now!)

  • Infrastructure (Available now!)

  • Finance (Coming soon!)

  • WASH (water, sanitation, & hygiene) (Coming soon!)

  • Health (Coming soon!)

  • Industry & manufacturing (Coming soon!)

  • Education

  • Environment & climate action

  • Nutrition & food security

  • Peace, justice, & strong institutions

  • Technology & digital inclusion

  • Forestry

  • Gender equality

  • Labor, migration, & refugees

  • Tourism

  • Urban planning

  • Defense & security

Enhancing project management

To see analyses and results in detail, our subscribers will be able to access a secure online dashboard in future releases. This private portal links to project-specific dashboards that engage users and enhance project management, enabling them to update their project and planning status in real-time. It also provides private chat and messaging to facilitate conversations within their own project team, helping move analysis into action.

Customized Services

We offer bespoke services to compliment our Equilo Dash tool alongside subsequent version releases to strengthen the analytical capacity. We have a deep network of recommended partner service providers expert international and national sector-specific gender equality and social inclusion specialists. 

Services include:

  • Gender lens due diligence

  • Primary data collection design

  • Customized project- and organization-specific analysis

  • Strategic planning and advisory

Reach out if you have a project we can support you with!


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