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Equilo is a powerful GESI data analytics-as-a-service platform leveraging big data and deep analytics. We offer a range of gender analysis tools that increase the impact of our users' work by aggregating and analyzing large quantities of qualitative and quantitative gender data at both contextual macro levels and organization-specific micro levels. Equilo's automated tools translate these data into easy to understand, compelling analysis for users on a customized dashboard.


Equilo gives users the power to incorporate customized best practices for gender equality and social inclusion into your project planning, investment decisions, due diligence, or implementation—all at your fingertips.

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Equilo is growing



Equilo's suite of automated gender analysis tools is constantly growing and adding new features. Upcoming features include:

  • Multi-lingual capabilities

  • Functionality across all countries globally including high income countries

  • Gender ROI™ Assessment

  • Automated community survey analysis

  • Predictive modeling utilizing machine learning

  • More evidence-based intelligent recommended actions driven by gap analysis

  • Intelligently suggested M&E indicators

  • Strengthening intersectional data and analysis

  • Ingesting small, bespoke data sets for more robust analysis

  • Strengthening analysis dimensions for population types and sub-national and city levels


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