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Why Equilo

Equilo makes it easier and faster to incorporate customized best practices for gender equality and social inclusion into your project planning, investment decisions, and impact measurement through automated gender data analysis—all at your fingertips.

A more effective way to do gender analysis

Equilo makes it easier to incorporate gender analysis and assessment into organizational decision-making. Equilo's online platform streamlines gender analysis, due diligence, and impact tracking, ensuring that development projects, humanitarian responses, and investments can easily take gender barriers, risks, and opportunities into consideration. With this streamlined process for incorporating gender data into decision-making, projects and investments can expand their impact on global gender equality, reduce the risk of causing unintentional harm, and increase their return on investment. 

Data changes constantly.


Equilo provides users with always fresh, updated data from the most reliable sources in real time. Subscribers have access to new and updated data sets and research from their dashboard a powerful, dynamic service no other provider currently offers.

Save time and money

Instead of spending time weeding through dozens of data sources, pie charts, or long reports, Equilo equips users with the ability to quickly understand complex challenges and make data-driven decisions. With immediate identification of gender inequality barriers and opportunities, comprehensive at-a-glance overviews specific to a country and sector to explain the "so what" and automated action planning, users can spend more time and money implementing programs and managing portfolios.

Estimated time & cost savings by using Equilo's advanced GESI contextual analysis tool:


  • 5 days saved per country-level analysis

  • 20 days saved per sector- and country-level analysis

  • $3,000 per each country-level analysis

  • $8,000 per each sector and country-level analysis

There is nothing else like Equilo

Equilo fills a global gap in comprehensive, up-to-date, action-oriented gender data and analysis tools for development practitioners and impact investors. Unlike other gender equality and social inclusion analysis "tools," which are often just PDFs that are hard to implement and use practically, Equilo's online platform provides:

Reliable data, aggregated in one place. Equilo's tools provide country- and sector-specific gender data analysis for any country in more than 50 sectors across more than 200 indicators. Pulling from from multiple databases and constantly refreshed, Equilo's tools provide data confidence scores and full source information so you know your data is coming from reliable sources.

Contextualized data to understand the "so what." Most existing databases provide data and indicators, leaving users to interpret and analyze what those numbers mean. But Equilo isn’t just a database - our tools contextualize the numbers with compelling, actionable content. Using business case, materiality, and human rights arguments, we translate the importance of the data to ensure diverse audiences understand why it matters and are compelled to action.

Analysis that leads users to take action. Equilo pairs each thematic area of analysis with a “What Works” or action planning section, presenting a number of evidence-based and promising actions for users to consider integrating in their projects or investments. Each suggested action is accompanied by tools and resources to support practical, on-the-ground implementation. No other tool comprehensively integrates bespoke analysis and action for users.

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