Why Equilo

Gender equality is both a human right and a precondition for catalyzing development and lifting communities out of poverty.

Gender equality also increases return on investments, drives more successful businesses, and fuels economic growth by improving outcomes and mitigating risk.


Equilo gives you the power to incorporate customized best practices for gender equality and social inclusion into your project planning, investment decisions, or implementation through automated gender data and gender analysis--all at your fingertips.  

Aligned with our values to Do with Heart and Move Together, Equilo offers a range of free, open-source GESI analysis tools supported by the Equilo Foundation, in addition to a suite of advanced analytics products.

Revolutionizing gender analysis

Equilo is the first data analytics as a service platform of its kind. The web-based application with a range of open-source and advanced gender analysis products provides sector-specific gender equality and social inclusion analytics across all countries globally.


Equilo is built for gender specialists and non-gender specialists alike. The dashboard is easy to read, and each product includes access to spider charts that visually display gender data in an easy-to-read format, including “Top Areas of Improvement.” This helps users easily identify areas with the most significant gaps, and therefore, opportunities for improvement, accompanied by potential activities and tools to support action. 

Real-time data and model refreshes ensure data are always current, dynamic, and robust over time.


Save on cost and time

The average manual GESI analysis can take anywhere from a week to several months and can be very costly. Equilo's gender analysis tools save you significant time and money. Instantly access the information you need and spend more time and money implementing your programs and managing your portfolio.  


Using Equilo's automated gender analysis tools costs 99% less than traditional manual methods - and we offer various packages that have deeper volume purchase discounts. And unlike manual methods, our subscribers get real-time gender data. Our model refreshes to ensure data are always current, dynamic, and robust over time.

Estimated time savings by using Equilo's advanced GESI analysis:


  • 5 days saved per country-level analysis

  • 20 days saved per sector and country-level analysis

  • 30+ days saved using organizational gender assessment

Estimated cost savings by using Equilo's advanced GESI analysis:


  • $3,000 per each country-level analysis

  • $8,000 per each sector and country-level analysis

  • Volume-based discounts when purchasing many countries/ sectors, paying only $39 per analysis when purchasing full Ultra packages

Save time
Save money
Start doing

There is nothing else like Equilo

Equilo fills a global gap in comprehensive, up-to-date, action-oriented GESI data and analysis in one easily accessible place. Unlike other gender equality and social inclusion analysis tools, overviews, and indices Equilo provides:

Immediate identification of gender inequality hotspots with a comprehensive at-a-glance overview specific to a country and sector. Instead of spending time weeding through dozens of data sources, pie charts, or long reports,


Equilo equips users with the ability to quickly understand complex challenges and make data-driven decisions.

Comprehensive coverage of analysis topics beyond the scope of existing gender indices and tools. Most databases and resources have a limited, specific scope to measure one dimension or theme.


In contrast, Equilo's advanced contextual analysis comprehensively synthesizes existing data on gender equality across 15+ themes, organized by six TAAP domains. This facilitates a broader understanding of constraints and opportunities within a specific country and sector.

Contextualized data to understand the "so what." Most existing databases provide data and indicators, leaving users to interpret and analyze what those numbers mean.


Equilo contextualizes the numbers with compelling content. Using business case, materiality, and human rights arguments, we translate the importance of the data to ensure diverse audiences understand why it matters and are compelled to action. 

Analysis that leads users to take action. Equilo pairs each thematic area of analysis with a “What Works” section, presenting a number of evidence-based and promising actions for users to consider integrating in their projects or investments if the analysis reveals particular areas of challenge.


Each suggested action is accompanied by tools and resources to support practical, on-the-ground implementation. No other tool comprehensively integrates bespoke analysis and action for users.