2X Assess & Dealmaking Tools


Equilo partners with the 2X Collaborative to provide its 2XC members of investors and potential investees with efficient, dynamic tools to support the 2X assessment and deal matchmaking process that creates an ecosystem connecting corporates, MSMEs, entrepreneurs, funds, and financial institutions to investments focused on women and gender equality.

Only $99 for an annual listing for start-ups. 2X Assess and viewing of results is free.
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2-Find Your Next 2X Deal & Assess a Potential Investee’s 2X Eligibility (1).png

Leveraging Equilo's existing platform and contextual gender equality and social inclusion data, a potential investee can respond to the 2X Assessment survey and instantly view their self-assessment results, securely share with potential investors, repeat the assessment in the future to measure change and more. Investors may send requests to investees to complete the assessment within the platform, and log back in when completed to view synthesized results and access documents uploaded by the investee to validate responses.

The free to use 2X Assessment tools are voluntary and provide a dynamic, elegant, easy-to-use platform that saves time for both investors and investees so they can focus on improving gender equality and women's empowerment measures forward- along with financing high potential 2X deals.

Optional paid additions are available, including annual listing to have results and organization's information, listed in a closed 2XC member investor directory to be noticed and matched with potential investors, and third-party validation services to validate the self-assessment responses, offered by a range of Equilo's technical service advisory partners.