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Capacities and Vulnerabilities Framework (CVA)

The CVA was designed specifically for use in humanitarian interventions and disaster preparedness. The CVA critically considers gender and its associated roles, responsibilities and power dynamics in a particular community and seeks to meet a social need of that particular community. CVA Tools include:

  • Categories of capacities and vulnerabilities: Distinguishes between three categories of capacities and vulnerabilities, using an analysis matrix. The three categories used are physical, social, and motivational capacities and vulnerabilities.

  • Additional dimensions of 'complex reality': In order to make the CVA matrix reflect reality's complexity, five other dimensions must be added to the analysis:​

    • Disaggregation according to other dimensions of social relations

    • Change over time

    • 'Interactions' between categories of analysis

    • Analysis at different scales and levels of society

    • Disaggregation of communities by sex

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