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Transforming Agency, Access, and Power (TAAP)

The TAAP Approach is an analytical framework, a set of five guiding principles, and a series of practical steps for integrating universal and transformative strategies and practices throughout a project cycle. There is a 4 phase process,the second phase of which is the SI Analysis. At the end of this phase, you will have:


1.  A clear set of Terms of Reference for a Social Inclusion Analysis

2.  A Social Inclusion Analysis report with the following content:

i. A clear analysis of the state of social inclusion, marginalization and exclusion in your context and content area, including root causes of social marginalization and exclusion as well as boosters for, and barriers to, positive social change.

ii. A clear understanding of intersectionality and how that affects the social inclusion, marginalization, and exclusion of various individuals and identity groups.

ii. A set of clear recommended actions and methods that can help you transform agency, access, and power. 

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