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Equilo’s pioneering flagship tool provides customized gender equality and social inclusions analysis results for each project and investment using machine learning, deep analytics, and big data based on sector and geography with a range of advanced analytics products to support use cases within the development, humanitarian, finance, and private sectors. 


Equilo's country and sector GESI contexual analysis uses our proprietary algorithm to map GESI-based constraints, opportunities, interventions, and indicators across a breadth of themes and domains. Users leverage this advanced analytics tool to support GESI analysis and planning for business development, due diligence, project and work planning, rapid mobilization response, and more.


Users select a subscription tailored to their needs, with all countries and over 50 sub-sectors available to select. Users select a country and sector to instantly view a data-driven overview of over 30 gender equality dimensions with the ability to deep-dive into indicators contextualized with qualitative data to better understand the “so what”. 

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