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Equilo has a suite of open source GESI analysis tools to support practitioners to access tools and information needed to improve analysis, and ultimately, action. 


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Do you need to conduct a GESI analysis and need to do a lit review? Due diligence to deep-dive into a specific geographic area or theme?

Equilo's open-source Super Gender & Inclusion Resource Library (SuperGIRL) is here to help!


There are thousands of studies, reports, guidance documents and more related to gender equality and social inclusion. Equilo tracks new publications, reports, case studies, quantitative data sources, and more. Equilo reviews them, catalogs, and tags them, then utilizes qualitative data and findings to inform analysis. This informs bespoke qualitative and quantitative analysis, and can provide you with an expedient bibliography specific to a sector, theme, and country. SuperGIRL allows you to:

SEARCH by key words and authors

FILTER by sector, theme, country and resource type

DOWNLOAD your filtered .CSV


Partner Directory

Do you need to conduct a GESI analysis and need to identify stakeholders working on GESI issues in a specific country? Are you looking to form a consortium or collaborate on advocacy efforts? Looking for organizations with GESI expertise to support implementation of GESI activities?

Equilo's open-source Partnership Directory is here to help!


Equilo maps organizations (NGOs, CBOs, academic institutions, companies, and more) globally working across development, humanitarian, and private sector engaged in GESI activities, research, and advocacy. Organizations are identified via open search and tagged by sector, theme, organization type, and country to create a curated GESI partner directory. The Partner Directory allows you to:

SEARCH by organization and key word

VIEW available contact and social media details

FILTER by sector, theme, country and organization type

DOWNLOAD your filtered .CSV 


Global GESI Analysis


FILTER by domain and theme to view GESI scores

VIEW regional and country GESI scores

Do you want to target countries or regions for investment in areas with relative GESI challenges or strengths? Develop projects to target geographies for specific development priority focus? Benchmark countries or regions with their peers for learning and advocacy purposes?

Equilo's open-source Global Analysis tool is here to help!


Equilo's Global Analysis tool provides an interactive global heat map and spider chart presenting gender equality scores across 132 LMICs globally. Harnessing hundreds of indicators from hundreds of datasources, Equilo utilizes the Transforming Agency, Access, and Power (TAAP) framework to clean, synthesize, and analyze these data across six TAAP domains and thematic areas for users to explore. The Global Analysis allows users to:

GBV Risk Score for Financial Investments

Over the past decade, there has been tremendous progress in incorporating a safeguarding perspective to reduce the risk of gender-based violence within financial investments, reflected in the “Do No Harm” approach. While critically important, the implementation of this approach has also highlighted its limitations. Specifically, this has resulted in a compliance-led approach with limited repercussions in cases of noncompliance, investments that apply safeguards approach after the fact, and potentially, unintended consequences that penalize survivors of violence. The lens of violence prevention must be integrated into the core investment and risk processes and teams, rather than being limited to gender and compliance processes and teams.

To this end, the Criterion Institute partnered with UNICEF and Equilo to develop this GBV Risk Score methodology. The GBV Risk Score leverages Criterion’s extensive research on the complex topic of financial investments and GBV. It also builds upon Equilo’s existing gender equality scoring methodology, database, and platform to operationalize the GBV Risk Score for users. This collaborative work to develop the methodology was co-created by Criterion and Equilo with support from UNICEF. Equilo developed and maintains the platform, tool, and regularly updated database. 

GBV spider chart.png
Screen Shot 2021-09-01 at 11.18.34 AM.png
Screen Shot 2021-09-01 at 11.17.50 AM.png

UNDERSTAND sector-specific material risks of GBV to financial investments (operational, regulatory, political, and reputational risk), accompanied by sector-specific case studies

TAKE ACTION by viewing strategies and actions to embed GBV as a material risk into investment decisions and risk models, accompanied by tools and resources

EXPLORE country-specific GBV risk score, with discrete scores and underlying data specific to access to resources, knowledge & beliefs, human dignity, laws & policies, and power & decision-making

DOWNLOAD .CSV files of raw data and scores to manipulate your own analysis and view financial risk model options to integrate GBV data and GBV Risk Scores into investment calculations