About Us

We believe early, action-oriented gender equality and social inclusion analysis is vital to deepening impact and increasing gender equality.

Equilo is the brainchild of a gender specialist who spent years working in the field and realized how many decision makers would benefit from having GESI analyses that were quicker, higher quality, and more impactful than the traditional manual method, which often took several weeks to get started and several weeks to finalize.


Equilo was born out of these experiences. Helping you create change and overcome obstacles, we add value at every step by replacing old-fashioned research and project management with powerful online gender analysis tools to enable clearer, faster equality insights that translate into action. Equilo brings decades of expertise at the intersection of gender analysis and social impact with big data, smart tech, and AI to support development, humanitarian, impact investing, and private sector decision makers with smarter, faster, and more effective approaches to increasing impact.


The result: Inclusive communities. Better business and financial performance. Positive outcomes.


Our team

Equilo is led by its Founder and CEO, Jessica Menon. Our diverse staff and advisors come from a range of professional backgrounds from development, humanitarian, financial, and private sectors. Our staff have expertise in gender equality and social inclusion, data science, data storytelling, machine learning, and AI.

Jessica Menon, MPP

Founder & CEO


Leads Equilo’s vision, product development, and partnerships

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Jessica is a gender equality and social inclusion (GESI) specialist with 20 years of experience conducting GESI analyses, crafting gender action plans, managing organizational change management with a gender lens, and implementing systems-level policy and practice change to advance GESI globally. She has successfully managed large multidisciplinary teams globally and has operated her own small businesses and multi-million dollar government-funded programs. She has both strategic and practical experience working across development, humanitarian, finance, and private sectors in industries including energy, infrastructure, agriculture, health, and beyond with deep expertise in GBV. Her love of data analytics, tools, and systems-level change inspired the creation of Equilo.  

Our core implementing partner


SimForm is a tech company with a mission to help successful companies extend their tech capacity. Founded in 2010, they have helped organizations ranging from Startups that went public, to Fortune 500 companies, and WHO featured NGOs. Simform helps companies become innovation leaders by delivering software teams on demand. SimForm provides Equilo with a full-stack team of seasoned developers who support implementation of Equilo's vision for product and tool development, in addition to ensuring ongoing maintenance and data security. 

Our values

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Our commitments

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