About us

Hacking gender equality & social inclusion
for a happier, more just world.

We believe early, action-oriented gender equality and social inclusion analysis is vital to tackling gender equality and improving efficiency and outcomes.

Equilo is the brainchild of a gender specialist, who spent years working in the field and realized that so many decision-makers would benefit from having GESI analyses that were done in a quicker way. This was just not possible with the traditional manual method, which often took several weeks to get started and several weeks to finalize.


Equilo was born out of these experiences. Helping you create change and overcome obstacles, we add value at every step by replacing old-fashioned research and project management with powerful online tools to enable clearer, faster equality insights that translate into action. The result: Inclusive communities. Positive outcomes.

Since its inception, Equilo has grown in scope and offerings. Equilo does not replace the value of gender specialists, but it does provide data for decision-making more quickly and allows organizations to then use gender-specialists to refine and tailor their programs and interventions. 


Our Team

Jessica Menon, MPP

CEO & Co-Founder


Leads Equilo’s vision
and technical content development

Jessica is a social inclusion and gender equality specialist with 20 years of experience as a small business owner managing gender analyses and action plans in Africa, Asia, Middle East, Latin America, and Central Europe. She is seasoned in integrating gender equality solutions across sectors including clean energy, agriculture, inclusive finance, health, and infrastructure with practice adhering to gender analysis requirements of USAID, MCC, DFID, Sida, UNOPS, and others.

Rachel Elsinga, MBA & MPP

COO & Co-Founder



Leads Equilo’s funding strategy and business development

Rachel is a strategy and finance professional with 12 years experience in her previous career in corporate finance advisory and risk management with oversight of teams in Africa, the Middle East, and Central Europe. She is also a successful social impact investor with her two most recent investees including a US-based FinTech/EdTech company providing credit to the unbanked and a Netherlands-based company working on sustainable tiny house solutions.


Lisa Taylor

GESI Research Manager


Emily McKinney

Data Manager & Developer


Amy Tiwari, MPH

Business Development Manager


Mwikali Kamami

GESI Research Associate


Maelys Bablon, MPH

GESI Research Associate

Catherine Work, MA

Technical Operations Manger


Shula Kasongamulilo, MSc,

GESI Research Associate


Clarissa Heger, MPA

GESI Research Associate


Vanessa Rivera-Quiñones, PhD

Data Scientist Associate


Kabo Chanda

Data Analyst


Nimisha Mascarenhas, MSc

GESI Research Associate

Muleya Sonde

Data Analyst


Maxi Ussar, PhD

GESI Research Associate

Mercy Ngosa Katongo

Data Analyst


Dr. Carolina Barreto, DEng, MSc


Sarah Rempel, J.D.


Mike Davis, MBA


Jasmine Burton, MSc



Michele Davies, PhD, MBA, MS

Research Associate


Our values


Do with heart.

Move together.

Wield prowess.

Dare to be outrageous.

Communities of Practice We Work With

We are part of a community that is growing in influence, prominence, and voice. Recognizing the wealth of knowledge and experience of organizations and gender equality practitioners worldwide, we work with other gender equality and social inclusion practitioners and service providers for learning and sharing. We endorse and collaborate with:


We are always looking to grow our network of gender and inclusion specialists. If you are interested in consulting with Equilo, please send your CV to hello@equilo.io

We are not hiring for any specific positions currently. Please check back soon or send your CV to be on file.