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Gender ROI™ Assessment

Go deeper and build the gender lens investment ecosystem with us.


The Organizational Gender Resilience, Opportunity, and Inclusion (ROI)™ Assessment is a robust, intelligent tool that makes it easy for organizations to conduct in-depth gender equality self-assessments or for investors to conduct due diligence of potential or existing investees. This assessment, developed by SWEEF Capital, supports organizations to conduct a gender analysis of their organization's leadership, workforce, value chain, and society where they operate. 

We bring an intelligent digitized solution. This tool is for investors, financial institutions, companies of all sizes, and entrepreneurs who care about gender-smart corporate practices and investments. Use the Equilo tool to intelligently diagnose gender gaps in leadership, value chains, workforce, society, and financial products. Measure impact by repeating the assessments, monitor changes in your company or across your portfolio, and take action with easy-to-understand data visualization, instant results, and ease of sharing. Deep dive into the results alongside contextual analysis. Interested in 2X Certification? No worries, this tool is fully integrated with 2X on Equilo's platform, so no need to repeat the same information!


The benefits:

  • Increases your ability to make impact with visualized risks and opportunities related to gender equality.

  • Reduces time and associated cost of data collection, analysis, and reporting by an average of 3 weeks.

  • Provides instant results with easy-to-interpret results to begin conversations with investees and begin taking action.

  • Facilitates contextual understanding and risk drivers with complementary macro-contextual gender analysis.


To get started:

  • Create a free account at

  • Complete Gender ROI™ thematic modules about your organization yourself, or assign to a team member to complete.

  • View your analysis and results instantly, share them, and come back and repeat it.

  • If you're an investor, upgrade to Equilo's Premium subscription to access portfolio level analytics to view all of your investees' results in aggregate with a dedicated API to integrate into your existing systems.

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3-Use an ROI Assessment to Identify How Gender Smart Your Organization is, and How to Make
4-Use an ROI Assessment to Identify How Gender Smart a Potential Investee is During Due Di
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