Organizational Gender ROI™ Assessments

The Organizational Gender Resilience, Opportunity, and Inclusion (ROI)™ Assessment is a robust, intelligent tool used by organizations for a self-assessment or by investors as part of due diligence of a potential or existing investee. This assessment, developed by SWEEF Capital, supports organizations to conduct a gender analysis of their organization's leadership, workforce, value chain, and society where they operate. The results are then overlaid with the gender equality country context to provide a clear view of where the organization stands relative to its context along with recommended actions.


From the Equilo dashboard, the Gender ROI™ survey can be initiated by sending a link to the organization to be assessed. The survey recipient can then use the link to access the full survey where different stakeholders from the organization can answer different modules. Once the survey is complete, the results are instantly analyzed and displayed on the user's private dashboard including the analyzed responses synthesized with country-specific gender equality contextual analysis. 


Based on the identified gaps, Equilo intelligently recommends actions, which are displayed on the dashboard and available for download in a customizable action plan. The dashboard, analysis, and recommendations may be shared with the survey respondent for discussion and/or to take action. The assessment may be repeated, with a comparison of changes analyzed from one assessment period to the next.

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3-Use an ROI Assessment to Identify How Gender Smart Your Organization is, and How to Make
4-Use an ROI Assessment to Identify How Gender Smart a Potential Investee is During Due Di