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Plans & Pricing



For individual users exploring Equilo or just getting started with gender analysis. 


​Full Access

  • Gender Smart Tools Directory 

  • Technical service provider & partner directory

  • GESI global analysis

Limited Access

  • 2x Organizational Assessment

  • Gender ROI Organizational Assessment

  • Product led demo of some "Essential" and "Professional" features with sample data.


$549 / Year

For gender analysts conducting research and assessment in a single country or sector. 


​Full Access

  • All full access features available in Open package

  • "2x Deals" Access

Limited Access

  • All limited access features available in Open package

  • Regional & income group analysis

  • Gender based violence analysis

  • GESI contextual analysis

  • "What Works" recommendations

  • 2X & Gender ROI organizational benchmarking


For companies, investors, and NGOs who operate in multiple countries or sectors. 


​Full Access

  • All full access features available in Open & Essential packages

  • Regional & income group analysis

  • Gender based violence analysis

  • GESI contextual analysis

  • "What Works" recommendations

  • 2X organizational assessments

  • Gender ROI organizational assessments

  • 2X & Gender ROI benchmarking

Optional Access

  • 2X Investor Assessment

  • 2X Deals Listing

  • Portfolio, pipeline, and alumni analytics

  • dedicated API

Increase the impact of your work with Equilo. Getting started is easy.

  1. Create an account at

  2. Upgrade within the app with the plans below, or fill out the form below for a customized enterprise solution quotation.

  3. Start using the app's tools and invite your team members from within your dashboard!

Start making more impact with Equilo Open for free 

Equilo Open provides users access to free tools to support GESI analysis at contextual and organizational levels.

  • Regional and income group GESI scores global heat map

  • GESI Contextual Analysis and GBV Risk Score Methodology, Framework, and Indicators,

  • 2X Challenge and Gender ROI™ Organizational Assessment (once per year)

  • Gender Smart Tools Directory

  • Technical Service Provider Directory

Want full access to all of our raw data via API?

Access our APIs to grab our synthesized, cleaned, collated, and dynamic data set of raw data and scores for a one-year period.

Robust project and community specific analysis can now be delivered to your dashboard.

The tool you've been waiting for is here! Equilo Deep now offers our customers a customized project-specific dashboard tailored to your project, community, and sector. Go beyond the macro, define the indicators you care about, and allow Equilo to synthesize the macro with community-level data, including focus group discussion and stakeholder interview notes you collect!

Need more info to decide?

I have really specific IMM metrics or I want to customize. Can Equilo do that?

YES! We offer enterprise solutions to create in-depth IMM, customized measurement, deep and tailored analytics, and more with our Enterprise solutions. Just drop us an email or schedule a time to talk!

  • Investors who want a more comprehensive IMM or ESG measurement solution

  • Project-specific evaluation and impact measurement

  • Customized dashboards

I want a plan but it's a bit out of my price range. Does Equlio offer discounts?

YES! We offer discounts for our friends who want to access these tools but cost is a barrier. As part of our mission, we want to democratize the use of gender analysis and make it accessible to everyone. You may be eligible if you fit any of the following criteria below. Send us a request and explanation, and once we verify you, we will give you a discount code, ranging from 20% to 100% off depending on who you are. 

  • Companies, NGOs, and CBOS from the Global South

  • Feminist and advocacy organizations 

  • Students

  • 2XGlobal members

  • First-time fund managers, including 2X Ignite Members

  • Woman-owned small businesses and independent consultants

  • Entrepreneurs, start-ups, and micro-enterprises (with fewer than 10 employees or less than US$500K in annual revenue)

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