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Getting started with Equilo is easy

Just pick a plan and get hacking!

Need more info to decide?

I have really specific IMM metrics or I want to customize. Can Equilo do that?

YES! We offer enterprise solutions to create in-depth IMM, customized measurement, deep and tailored analytics, and more with our Enterprise solutions. Just drop us an email or schedule a time to talk!

  • Investors who want a more comprehensive IMM or ESG measurement solution

  • Project-specific evaluation and impact measurement

  • Customized dashboards

I want a plan but it's a bit out of my price range. Does Equlio offer discounts?

YES! We offer discounts for our friends who want to access these tools. As part of our mission, we want to democratize the use of gender analysis and make it accessible to everyone. Just enter the promotion codes below if you match the profile. We do verify your profile when you sign up, so please be kind and don't abuse the codes. Equilo is a WOSB and entrepreneur too!

  • SOUTHFRIENDS       50% off all subscription packages for friends from the Global South

  • STUDYUP                 50% off Equilo Basic package for verified students

  • LONEWARRIOR       50% off all packages for verified independent consultants

  • 2XMEMBER20         20% off all subscription packages and add-ons for verified 2XGlobal members)

  • 2XIGNITE                 30% off all packages for first-time fund managers

  • WOSBAMP              30% off all packages for verified woman-owned small businesses

  • STARTMEUP            30% off all packages for verified entrepreneurs, start-ups, and micro-       enterprises with fewer than 10 employees or less than US$500K in annual revenue) 

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