Equilo's Impact

Equilo is a disruptive data analytics-as-a-service platform that changes the way development, humanitarian, finance, and private sector users embed gender equality and social inclusion into their work globally. Equilo's users are transforming business as usual to impact women, girls, boys, men, communities, businesses, and systems.

From supporting gender-responsive humanitarian crisis planning to making gender lens investment decisions that increase capital flows to businesses that are intentionally improving workplace culture and making value chains inclusive and equitable, Equilo is making it faster, easier, and less costly do integrate gender equality into how organizations do business.

As a social enterprise, Equilo invests a majority of its profits into expanding its research, products, and services to advance gender equality and social inclusion for a happier, more just world.

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How Equilo is used globally

Explore the interactive map below to view examples of where and how Equilo has been used since launching in December 2020.

Equilo by the numbers

Equilo's automated gender analytics tools enable users to quickly access information to inform decision-making, planning, due diligence, impact measurement, and more. Equilo is making systems-level change that ultimately:

  • Supports and improves collaboration by partners to pool intellectual, financial, and human resources to improve gender equality and social inclusion

  • Changes business as usual within development, humanitarian, financial, and private sector actors to go beyond viewing GESI as a "check the box exercise" and move toward evidence-driven analysis and action

  • Supports positive transformation of workplaces, communities, schools, and homes by facilitating understanding of social and gender norms within investments and projects and addressing root causes of inequality

  • Positively impacts the lives of all people affected by development, humanitarian, financial, and private sector projects and investments by facilitating higher quality, actionable GESI analysis

Since launching in December 2020....