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Who Uses Equilo

Donor agencies, development finance institutions, NGOs, consulting firms, investors, humanitarian organizations, and businesses use Equilo's tools to save time and money, operationalize gender across their organizations, and increase impact.

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How development & humanitarian organizations use Equilo

Easier, faster data-driven GESI analysis for project design and implementation

Equilo automates much of the work of conducting gender analysis for project design, action planning, budgeting, and M&E planning, freeing up time and money for development and humanitarian organizations to spend on implementation, and making it easier to operationalize gender as a standard practice across the organization.

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Strengthened GESI integration in proposals

Rather than wasting time doing manual research on GESI gaps and strengths, proposal writers instantly access information to ensure compelling, specific GESI analysis and solutions are offered to meet proposal criteria. The more specific a proposal is in showcasing the knowledge of GESI constraints and proposed solutions, the more successful the bid is likely to be.

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Faster gender-sensitive emergency response

Equilo’s tools provide instant, comprehensive understanding of the GESI context, enabling decision makers to quickly create cultural- and context-specific action plans in urgent humanitarian responses and improve the safety and protection of vulnerable and marginalized populations. With the most up-to-date GESI analysis data available for a country plus a comprehensive list of evidence-based actions to take, responders spend less time researching and more time taking strategic action.

Aid Agencies
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How investors and financial actors use Equilo

Faster, smoother due diligence in real time

Investors easily send, analyze, and track gender due diligence surveys, including the industry-standard 2X Challenge criteria all from their Equilo dashboard so that investment officers and investees can instantly view challenges and strengths and begin discussing investment readiness and action plans from a gender lens perspective.

Improved strategic targeting of countries and sectors for gender lens investments

Equilo users instantly analyze the gender equality risks and opportunities in specific countries, markets, and value chains using Equilo’s contextual analysis tools, so they can more easily make sound decisions on targeting impactful gender-lens investment efforts.

Streamlined impact measurement and monitoring

Equilo’s streamlined, user-friendly dashboard makes it easy for investors and financial institutions to track their portfolio’s progress  on gender equality goals and their social and financial impact all in one place. We even offer custom APIs to fully integrate your Equilo gender assessments into your existing systems and processes.

DFIs & Invetors
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How businesses use Equilo

Improved risk assessment and market insights

Businesses save time and money by using Equilo's tools to jumpstart the work of understanding opportunities and risks in new markets and generate synthesized, analyzed, easy-to-understand landscape analysis for analysts, business development officers, and decision makers to better assess risks, opportunities, and marketing potential in a given country or sector.

Faster and more cost-effective gender equality self-assessment

Equilo’s automated tools make it simple for businesses to conduct organizational self-assessments or supply chain assessment on gender equality, making it easier to attract investors looking for gender-smart companies. We also offer listings for eligible businesses with the industry-standard 2X Challenge, and investor matchmaking so you can find the right investors for you.

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